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Portrait Paintings & Artwork, Copyright 2002-2016, Commissioned Fine Artist & Portrait Painter Suzana Meštrić.
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About the Artist & Portrait Painter

Meštrić has had a life long interest in artistic
portraiture.  To her each portrait is an opportunity to
express the unique spirit of the individual and to bring joy
to others.  Growing up and as a young woman, Suzana
lived in New York City where she attended the Art &
Design School and studied life drawing at the Parson
School of Design .  Even though she loved being an artist,
Suzana was not sure she wanted to pursue a career in
art.  She had a desire to do something that would make a
positive difference in the lives of others.  Therefore, she
chose to study Psychology and afterwards started her
career in Human Services working with people that
faced developmental, mental and emotional
challenges.  Her artwork took a backseat for many
years.   In 2001, shortly after moving from NY to
Pennsylvania, Suzana rediscovered the joy she feels
when drawing, and eventually developed her talents
enough to start accepting portrait commissions.  The artist
found the most rewarding part of drawing or painting for
others is when it brings them joy or peace.  This often
happens when a commission is a special gift for someone
or a portrait of a loved one that had passed on.  With the
work she does, Suzana connects with people on a
spiritual level and focuses on service to others.  She has
discovered that there are always opportunities to
positively touch the lives of others in the work that one
does if it is done with love.
Artist and Portrait Painter Suzana Mestric of North East Pennsylvania
Artist and Portrait Painter Suzana Mestric
It is great if you love
what you do, but even
more important is
that you do it with
Suzana Meštrić