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Things to Consider Before Commissioning a Portrait Painting or Drawing

Start by considering the feel and mood you want your portrait to have.  Do you want it to be formal, casual,
serious, fun, romantic, etc?  Consider where the portrait painting or drawing will hang in making the choice
of a formal or more casual look. Do you want a background?  If so, do you want an indoor or outdoor
scene, a realistic background or something more fantasy like?  Think about the clothing that will help
establish the desired feel of the portrait drawing or painting.  Choose clothing that has a more classic style
to them so that the portrait painting will not look dated too soon after its commission.  Choose colors that will
help establish the desired mood for the portrait painting. It is best to avoid distracting prints.

Next, decide on a medium.  Choose a medium based on the type of look you want for your portrait with
consideration of your budget. Ink portraits in the way that Suzana creates them emphasize light and
shadow giving the artwork an interesting look and mood.  Charcoal portraits are black and white and are
most affordable for realistic style portraits.  Pastel portraits are painted in color and are a terrific alternative
to oil portraits when cost and/or time restraints are an issue since they can usually be completed within 3-4
weeks.  Portraits painted in oil are most durable and are a more popular choice for traditional and formal
portraits.  Oil paintings usually take several months to complete. Oil paints have for centuries been the main
medium of choice for portraitures.

If you are commissioning a group portrait painting or drawing such as a family portrait where you want the
portrait artist to use several photos taken at different times or locations consider how you would like to
have each person placed in the group portrait.  For a group portrait to look natural it is best to have photos
of each person in a similar environment with the lighting coming from the same direction.  The portrait artist
can assist you in determining how a group portrait using various photos can work best.

When choosing a size for your portrait consider where it will hang, how much of the subject(s) of the portrait
will be painted.  Sizes start at 11” x 14” for a head & shoulders of one person to large full body life sized
portrait paintings of a group of people.  For best realistic detail the artist prefers to paint and draw portraits
as close as possible to actual size.  A client’s budget is often a consideration when choosing a size.  The artist
offers a variety of sizes as well as mediums to choose from in hopes that most people who would like to
commission a portrait painting or drawing will find it affordable.

Another consideration for the portrait is the orientation of the piece.  Do you want a portrait style (vertical
orientation) or would you prefer a landscape style (horizontal orientation)?  Sometimes this choice is
predetermined by the nature of the portrait itself such as one full figure of a person standing would naturally
have a portrait style orientation while several people sitting on a sofa would have a landscape style

Portrait Painter Suzana Meštrić will be very happy to assist you in determining your best options for the
painting or drawing you would like to have created.
Artist and Portrait Painter Suzana Mestric of North East Pennsylvania
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