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Portraits & Artwork, Copyright 2002-2016, Portrait Artist Suzana Meštrić.
Artwork/Photographed images may not be reproduced without written permission.
There may be an additional fee for artwork larger than 30" x 40".
50% discount for pet portraits.
Sales tax  in PA.
Shipping costs are additional and include insurance.      
For each additional person, add 50% of fee above.
Travel and accommodations are paid by the client.
Optional framing is paid by the client.
Prices do not include requests for specific detailed backgrounds or extensive detail on clothing.
Payment of one-half the total amount is due before work begins. The balance is due at the completion
of the painting.
Fees are subject to change without notice.

The portrait process begins with discussions between the artist and the client regarding
expectations of
the portrait, size, approximate date of completion, and medium to be used.

The client may choose to send photographs for the portrait which the artist will review.  The artist
prefers to meet in person with the client and person(s) to be painted, but understands that is not always
possible or desirable as in the case of a posthumous portrait or surprise gift.  

If a meeting is arranged, setting, dress and mood of the portrait will be established with the client and a
photography session will take place.  At the time of the session, the artist may also do some color studies
of the subject's eyes and skin tone.

Afterwards, the client and artist work together to select the best reference photos.  The artist paints the
portrait in her studio. The client approves the final work by either viewing an image of it by e-mail, a
photograph by postal mail, or by coming to the artist's studio to see the original.  The portrait is then
shipped, picked-up or personally delivered by the artist (if local).

The artist always guarantees her work and offers a 100% refund (minus any travel expenses) should ever
a client not be completely satisfied and pleased with the artwork.
Head & Shoulders
Half to 3/4 Figure
Full Figure
Procedure & Fees for
Commissioning a Portrait
Artist and Portrait Painter Suzana Mestric of North East Pennsylvania
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