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Suzana Meštrić

Portrait Paintings & Artwork, Copyright 2002-2016, Commissioned Fine Artist & Portrait Painter Suzana Meštrić.
Artwork/Photographed images may not be reproduced without written permission.
It's great if you love what you do, but even more important is that you do it with love.”
Working from just ordinary photographs and brief face to face studies of the person(s) to
be painted, Artist & Portrait Painter Suzana Meštrić creates exceptional works of art.  She
specializes in classical realism portraiture using charcoal, pastel, and oil paints.  

The Portrait Artist can work from your photos, and is also available to come to you for a
photo session and study of the subject.  From old and damaged photos of loved ones that
clients have provided to her for reference, Suzana has been able to create portrait art
that will become family heirlooms.  Her ability to create portraits where the person is
captured even better than in the photograph has amazed many of her clients.  

Suzana also enjoys creating uniquely styled portraits, including shadow portraits in ink.  In
addition to traditional portraiture, she has been commissioned to create works of art that
originated in the client's imagination.  She also enjoys nature photography and exploring
different techniques of creating fine art in varying styles.
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Artist and Portrait Painter Suzana Mestric of North East Pennsylvania
Suzana is a local artist to the Pocono Mountain and
Lehigh Valley regions of North East Pennsylvania
(just across the border from Northern New Jersey).

She often travels to New York City, and accepts
commissions from throughout the US and abroad.